[Swan-dev] idea for libreswan LTS

David Clayton daveclayton at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 12 21:41:29 EET 2013

Whilst discussing this topic, I wanted to share the (I feel) very 
successful release strategy adopted by LibreOffice 

So far most of the major Linux distributions have kept pace, perhaps 
this is because of the published release dates, releases being time based.

I don't know it it is appropriate to the Swan development, but perhaps 
it would be worth considering the addition of an extra .point into the 
version number to aid clarification, with LO as an example 3.6.5 is 
defined as stable, whereas 4.0.0 is considered bleeding edge - I feel 
the current 'patch' number doesn't provide the end user with enough 
information to see if it is a new feature or a fix release.

Sorry if I keep on about LO, but lets say they have had two major 
releases and under that five minor releases, and within that, a further 
five point 'fixes' - that is a lot of releases, whereas I look at Swan 
and think 2.6 > 2.6.39 should perhaps look more like 2.6 > 4.6.2

I'm a complete outsider, so please don't be offended, but I just thought 
I would share my views :-)


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