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David Clayton DCClayton at bataltd.co.uk
Fri Dec 27 16:39:02 EET 2013

Hi all,
I know that IPSEC isn't quite as 'sexy' as the work being done over at
LibreOffice, but I would like to suggest some minor improvements that I
feel would make a big difference:
Creation of a 'marketing' or 'general' section of the website -
somewhere to see a list of Linux distributions currently using LS (and
therefore those not), I'm new to the game, so not quite sure how
established communication works between the distributions, but on
Saturday Mike Gilbert (Gentoo) posted about integration with their
distribution, and it (appeared to me) that he may have accidently
stumbled upon the existence of LS, relying on the distribution
maintainers being 'in the know' and aware of new packages, rather than
directly contacted with an e-mail saying 'hey, don't you know we are the
new name in IPSEC'. Please forgive my ignorance if there is already
something in place, or all the distribution maintainers have already
been personally contacted.
The next on my list would be a roadmap - this might be a difficult
subject as I seem to remember the OpenSwan roadmap / wish list / bug
tracker seemed to get rolled into one page that (again my personal
opinion) never got updated, or gave a true reflection on the status of
the project.
A wish or feature list separate from a bug report, on which I would
request things like, improved logging / detailed error messages, or
output of real time tunnel status (SA lifetime) etc (for easy pickup by
a GUI).
I know that the community for LibreSwan is never going to get anywhere
near the size of LibreOffice, but a small amount of marketing could (I
hope) significantly improve the uptake of LS across the distributions.
I would we willing to offer my assistance, albeit within my limited
technical ability.
Kind regards 
David Clayton 
BATA IT & Accounts Administrator
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