[Swan-dev] Release tags on github and some packaging issues

Mike Gilbert floppym at gentoo.org
Sat Dec 21 17:01:07 EET 2013


I am working on packaging libreswan for Gentoo Linux.

Is github the only public repo available? I notice that there are no
release tags in the repo, so I'm wondering if there is another
"official" repository somewhere.

I see that there is a systemd unit in the repostory, but it seems
quite Fedora-specifc in that it references /etc/sysconfig/pluto and
has a nasty /bin/sh eval hack in ExecStart because of that. It also
hard-codes the path to "ip" as /sbin/ip; on Gentoo we have moved this
to /bin. Would you be open to making ipsec.service a bit more

Also related to the systemd unit: it seems that this is installed
unconditionally by the make install target, even if pkg-config systemd
fails. This ends up installing ipsec.service in the root directory (/)
if systemd is not installed. Can we clean this up a bit? I can work on
a patch if you like.


Mike Gilbert
Gentoo Linux Developer

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