[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/main

Andrew Cagney cagney at vault.libreswan.fi
Sun Dec 31 00:51:19 EET 2023

New commits:
commit f9e34034120d8239eccac8ea203c475354be9cde
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Sat Dec 30 17:49:33 2023 -0500

    testing: update ikev2-xfrmi-16-rekey to match KVM's output
    so it has what the testing machine expects
    somewhat workaround #1505

commit 3559083b92f1097551e70e599351d240b5c9b64f
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Wed Nov 22 07:19:45 2023 -0500

    routing: strengthen spd_owner .policy check
      c->clonedfrom == d -> skip
      d_shunt_kind < c_shunt_kind -> skip
      d_shunt_kind == c_shunt_kind && c->clonedfrom == d

commit 452f156a6f8c15df959af24d086993d4f0e5b9ac
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Sat Dec 30 14:43:37 2023 -0500

    Revert "pluto: only set replay-window on the inbound IPsec SA"
    This reverts commit 8116a49394886f306dee7572bbb87d6fe0a7b223.
    It gets the error:
      ERROR: "westnet-eastnet-ikev2" #2: netlink response for Add SA esp.ea625bf at Invalid argument (errno 22)
    when installing the outbound SA on east and then that cascades
    leading to if(debug)passert().
    See #1507 and #1508

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