[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/main

Andrew Cagney cagney at vault.libreswan.fi
Sun Nov 27 20:48:08 EET 2022

New commits:
commit 60bb4c61f1b8a1aab36d9a81166d34c69cbd20d1
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Sun Nov 27 10:04:15 2022 -0500

    initiate: rework initiate_connection*()
    - order checks:
      basic: for instance oriented
      find remote address or fail
      deal with sec labels
    - use ttoaddress_dns(), not ttoaddress_num()
      now <<initiate east>> should work
    - drop ttoaddress_dns() check in rcv_whack.c
      now <<initiate eas>> fails; before it stumbled on
    - clarify when remote.address has been set

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