[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/main

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at vault.libreswan.fi
Wed Mar 10 18:06:06 UTC 2021

New commits:
commit 1c03fe90d1d87c4b8b203e686aaf764ba9ada107
Author: D. Hugh Redelmeier <hugh at mimosa.com>
Date:   Wed Mar 10 13:00:25 2021 -0500

    pluto: ikev2_ts.c: clarify control structure of score_ends_seclabel
    2a2376e5bfa6c19e9a334e2a651b54135e64ab21 added a test that was always true.
    This made the control flow hard to comprehend.
    This commit eliminates the redundant test.
    Also: reordered code so the remaining test is simpler to understand (no ! operator)
    Also: move a passert earlier.

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