[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/main

Andrew Cagney cagney at vault.libreswan.fi
Tue Dec 21 16:20:34 EET 2021

New commits:
commit a381f0de3e6c3d57ad4e6c87e03cdf81b431927e
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Tue Dec 21 09:15:14 2021 -0500

    ikev2: simplify v2_process_request_ts_payloads()
    Drop the custom code computing the score of the current
    connection; instead leave it to the main search loop.
    Note the general form:
       for connection d in host-pair connections
          skip some cases, but don't skip when D==C
          (even when ID_NULL)
          if d is better than best
             best = d

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