[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/main

Andrew Cagney cagney at vault.libreswan.fi
Thu Sep 3 13:47:27 UTC 2020

New commits:
commit 21a8c61815c946a375df431104815891f354c142
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Thu Sep 3 09:45:45 2020 -0400

    logging: make the cert 'failed to add connection' messages one line

commit f959e5eb9231fac397fc16e2ae31b5399cf580db
Author: Andrew Cagney <cagney at gnu.org>
Date:   Wed Sep 2 11:51:09 2020 -0400

    logging: add diag_t - like err_t but always allocated
    today's usage is:
      diag_t d = diag("bad");
      /* D must be freed */
      log_diag(RC_LOG, logger, &d, "bad because: ");
      /* D has been freed */

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