[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/main

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at vault.libreswan.fi
Sat Jun 27 04:01:49 UTC 2020

New commits:
commit 468b1986c7e3dc937758c3976538e96066b029dc
Author: D. Hugh Redelmeier <hugh at mimosa.com>
Date:   Fri Jun 26 23:59:57 2020 -0400

    pluto: kernel.c: tidy teardown_half_ipsec_sa
    - clarify and simplify handling of redirection.  Don't hack the
    - bug fix?  Previously, if the kernel supported grouping of
      SAs, a bare IPcomp SA would not be deleted.  Also, in this case
      any redirection hack would not be undone.
    - reduce code duplication between the case where the kernel
      does support grouping and where it doesn't.
    - protos[].proto is a pointer.  Use NULL, not 0
    - reduce scope of autos by declaring them just before first use

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