[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/master

Paul Wouters paul at vault.libreswan.fi
Mon May 7 14:37:40 UTC 2018

New commits:
commit fd9a4efec40342af12668b8250ceb7162665ede8
Author: Paul Wouters <pwouters at redhat.com>
Date:   Mon May 7 10:35:58 2018 -0400

    pluto: RC_WHACK_PROBLEM should return non-zero return code
    It was oddly placed along with RC_ informational non-error messages.
    It was moved to the error messages list. To keep the same numbering
    within the enum for our a test output, a new unused RC_UNUSED was left
    in place (to take up the 002 number)

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