[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/master

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at vault.libreswan.fi
Thu Dec 7 03:58:06 UTC 2017

New commits:
commit 30b96ebf79a328204f71d854c39794a7b359005c
Author: D. Hugh Redelmeier <hugh at mimosa.com>
Date:   Wed Dec 6 22:38:23 2017 -0500

    pluto: changes prompted by clang warnings
    - libipsecconf/keyword.c parser_enum_list: fixed bad free(), tidied
    - added comments on assignments where the result was intentionally not used
      (these are to allow code to be added in an established pattern)
    - quick_inI1_outR1: turned pexpect to passert to show our confidence
      that a NULL pointer deref was not going to happen.
      Editorial comment: if a pexpect never fires, it should be deleted
      or replaced by a passert.  If it fires, the code should be fixed.
    - parse_ipsec_sa_body: looks like it found a real bug: a reference
      to ah_attrs that should have been to esp_attrs.
    - ikev2_crypto_start: make the case handling more evidently correct.
    - ikev2_add_ipsec_child: make the setting of pfsgroupname more
      evidently correct and conditional on need.
    - ikev2_calculate_psk_sighash: make it clear that a nonce is needed
      using a passert.
    - log_debugging: fix a possible NULL pointer dereference.
    - whack_unroute_connection: make it clear that pointer c is not NULL
      using a passert.
    - testing/enumcheck/enumcheck.c:
      + test_enums: remove an assignment that would have no effect
      + test_enum_enum: add a ??? comment about possible NULL dereference

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