[Swan-commit] Changes to ref refs/heads/master

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at vault.libreswan.fi
Sat Jan 18 04:33:08 EET 2014

New commits:
commit ceb7bcb835843ff7b293aa80d4837f6745a1044d
Author: D. Hugh Redelmeier <hugh at mimosa.com>
Date:   Fri Jan 17 21:20:35 2014 -0500

    - introduced add_str() to do what coders mistakenly think strncat() does
    - replaced many uses of strncat(), often bogus, with add_str()
    - replaced a few of the remaining uses of strcpy() with jam_str()
    - fix many questionable uses of st_xauth_username
    many uses of strncat were bogus; so too with a couple of remaining uses of strncp

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