[Swan-announce] Libreswan 3.20 released

The Libreswan Project team at libreswan.org
Thu Mar 23 01:43:52 UTC 2017

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The Libreswan Project has released libreswan-3.20

This is a bugfix and feature release.

New Features:

This releases completes support for the CREATE_CHILD_SA Exchange,
support for the ECP DiffieHellman Groups (19-21), statistics support
via ipsec whack --globalstatus and changed the IKE and ESP defaults to
match rfc4307bis and rfc7321bis.

Important bugfixes:

A number of memory leaks were fixed, two use-after-free bugs, improved
linking reducing binary sizes, and some misc bugfixes.

Compatiblity changes:

The uniqueids= keywords is ignored for PSK based connections, allowing
uniqueids=yes and mixing RSA/PSK connections. Some minor logging

You can download libreswan via https at:

https: //download.libreswan.org/libreswan-3.20.tar.gz
https: //download.libreswan.org/libreswan-3.20.tar.gz.asc

The full changelog is available at:
https: //download.libreswan.org/CHANGES

Please report bugs either via one of the mailinglists or at our bug tracker:

https: //lists.libreswan.org/
https: //bugs.libreswan.org/

Binary packages for RHEL/EPEL and Debian/Ubuntu can be found at
https: //download.libreswan.org/binaries/

Binary packages for Fedora and Debian should be available in their respective
repositories a few days after this release.

See also https://libreswan.org/

v3.20 (March 14, 2017)
* pluto: Add ECP dh19(secp256r1), dh20(secp384r1) and dh21(secp521r1) [Andrew]
* pluto: Add dh= aliases for all modp= groups (eg "dh2" for "modp1024") [Paul]
* pluto: Add statistics support to ipsec whack --globalstatus [Paul]
* pluto: Add statistics clearing support using ipsec whack --clearstats [Paul]
* pluto: Fix use-after-free in whack event handler (since v3.19) [Andrew]
* pluto: Cleanup kernel_netlink.c [Hugh]
* pluto: Print AH= algorithm and ESN when established [Paul/Andrew]
* pluto: strip file path from abort messages [Andrew]
* pluto: Support initiating template conn with --remote-host <ipaddr> [Paul]
* pluto/libswan: Change most ttoaddr() to ttoaddr_num() to prevent DNS [Paul]
* pluto: fix use-after-free with EVENT_v2_RELEASE_WHACK [Andrew]
* pluto: orient() asserted on SPLIT_INC without remote-peer-type=cisco [Paul]
          (reported by Oleg Rosowiecki)
* pluto: accurately size a buffer for the decimal representation [Hugh]
          (debian bug 853507)
* pluto: avoid gcc unused variable warnings when USE_KLIPS=false [dkg]
* pluto: Support for Linux systems without IFA_F_TENTATIVE  (CentOS5) [Paul]
* pluto: Ignore uniqueids= for roadwarrior PSK and assume non-unique [Paul]
* IKEv2: CREATE_CHILD support for Parent SA and Child SA rekeying [Antony]
* IKEv2: Various refactoring for CREATE_CHILD support [Antony]
* IKEV2: OE/CAT: Don't send CP request when responder is behind NAT [Antony]
* IKEv2: log first notify payload when we receive an Notify Error [Paul]
* IKEv2: Fix memory leak in DH secret calculation (since v3.9) [Andrew]
          (reported by Eric Andresson)
* IKEv2: If re-entering ikev2_crypto_start(), reset msgid [Paul]
* IKEv2: prevent copying bogus peer id when ID kind is IPv4/IPv6 [Paul]
* IKEv2: suppress DELETE notifies for connections being replaced [Paul]
* IKEv2: re-instate ISAKMP_SA_established() [Paul]
* IKEv1: For IKE (phase 1), prefer 256-bit bit encryption [Andrew]
* IKEv1: Print conn algo's when using XAUTH [Andrew]
* IKEv1: Simplify ike= defaults (drop MODP1024, MD5, add MODP2048) [Andrew]
* IKEv1: Prefer 256-bit keys over 128-bit keys for IKE [Andrew]
* IKEv1: Also call ISAKMP_SA_established() in Aggressive Mode [Paul]
* newhostkey: Convert remaining --configdir for --nssdir [Tuomo]
* barf: Ensure proper macros are used. Add certutil/crlutil output [Paul]
* misc: Fix various spelling errors in code/comments/man pages [dkg]
* packaging: spec files should use 0 and 1, not true and false [David Arnold]
* building: NSS_REQ_AVA_COPY?=true to support new NSS lib export fix [Paul]
* building: Remove no longer needed NSSCERT_CheckCrlTimes() copy [Paul]
* building: fetch: remove support for ancient LDAP version 2 [Tuomo]
* building: move whack to separate programs/whack/ directory [Andrew]
* building: Various Makefile variable cleanups and double link fixes [Andrew]
* building: Don't check runtime for SElinux/systemd with DESTDIR [Paul]
* documentation: added oe-letsencrypt-* example configs [Paul]
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